This is an entry level, yet capable, focus stacking rail with exceptional performance, near wobble-free, backlash-free and super smooth. Combined with one of our focus stacking controller, focus stacking, all the sudden, seems easy. Here are included items


  • 250mm long 2040 V-slot rail
  • Idler wheel assembly and mounting hardware
  • Nema 17, 0.9 degree, 34mm long step motor and mounting hardware
  • 2GT belt
  • 4 right angle mounting feet
  • 50mm by 50mm sliding block with 3/8 16 threaded hole and an adapter to 1/4-20 thread. This allows camera quick release system to be mounted.
  • 50mm by 50mm Arca-Swiss style camera quick release clamp and plate. (note, the plate sometimes is 60mm long instead of 50mm, shipped at random unless specified)
  • Optionally focus stacking controller: Integrated USB controller, USB controller, and IR controller. Note, power supply is included with optional controller. But not camera cable, please purchase camera cable separately.
  • Optional belt tension-er. This is highly recommended because it make belt tensioning so much easier and effective, paving way for higher magnification work.


To set this rail up, please specify 40,000 (um) as Pitch in controller setup. Recommended running power is 0.5A unless the rail is tilted slightly. 32nd micro stepping or higher (64th, 128th) are good for this rail to achieve the desired resolution

In horizontal setup, the rail can handle up to 4kg of weight without any problem. However, DO NOT DO VERTICAL SETUP because the rail is highly efficient and the motor is so small, camera WILL slide down if you do vertical setup, particularly dangerous when there is power outage.


Another limitation is magnification, normally, the rail can handle up to 5x magnification. 10x magnification is possible if the rail is well tuned -- belt tension is tightened.


Though it is fully assembled when shipped, it is still a good idea to know how it is assembled. Note, a new black 20-teeth gear is now shipped instead of silver colored 30 teeth gear. 

Belt Driven Stacking Rail