This item comes with a plate, two M5x8 screws and two 3mm steel positioning poles.


Tip: If you do not have Arca Swiss camera clamping system, you can add one of them as option. We recommend the round one as it has positioning holes that match positioning holes on the camera plate (with poles). This is to HELP (still depends on how you put the pate on camera) camera is mounted in parallel with motion axis. An 5/8" long 1/4-20 screw is included.


Tip 2: To complete the conversion, please add a controller of choice and a Nema 23 step motor into your shopping basket if you do not havethem already.


Note, images shown here are for illustration purpose only, not al litems in all images are included. The included items depend on the option you choose, ie, if you choose round Arca Swiss option, the square one will not be included.

Dealer - Open Source Rail Mounting Kit