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Dealer - Stack and Stitch System

This is a complete Stack and Stitch System and it includes the following:


3x motor control modules for X, Y and Z axis

1x Camera control module

4x 1m long RJ45 Category 5 (or 6) cables

4x 12V 5A power supplies for each rail and camera module.

1x X and Y table with Nema 17 motors

1x Vertical setup for Z axis with standard Qool Rail 250


All necessary screws, joint plates.

Control software is Windows based (and only) and can be downloaded via our website in support section. 


XBox control is supported upon request. Also video feed into the software feature is in beta test mode, as well as R axis for rotary.


Important Note: To successfully stitching stacked images, the lens used must be near telecentric


Important note: the monitor and XBOX controller shown in video and picture are NOT included, they are for demonstration purpose only.



Dealer - Stack and Stitch System

$1,203.00 Regular Price
$935.00Sale Price
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