MJKZZ Delay Controller is a device that allows insertion of programmable delay and duration for up to 8 individual output ports when an input signal is received. These 8 outputs are grouped into 4 dual output groups and they can be used to control up to 4 cameras (possibley 8 depends on camera) or 8 individual flashes.


It has two modes of operation: multi trigger and round robin. Multi-trigger mode fires all active outputs upon receiving an input signal. Round robin mode fires ONE output port for each input and advances to next available output port for next input and starts over until it is cancelled.


It also allows three different type of triggering - level, edge down and edge up. Level triggering will activate trigger event when input is triggered (pulled low), for example, a switch is being pressed and held. Edge down triggering will activate trigger event at the moment the input is pulled low, for example when a switch is being pressed, but holding down the switch has no effect. Edge up triggering will activate triggering event at the moment the input signal is being released from low, ie, when a switch is being released.


This controller can be used in many applicatioins, such as multiple flash exposure, multiple camera activation, flash masking photography, bullet time photography. For focus s