This is a motion slider kit for motorized time-lapse. It is built around open source V-slot parts. Note the V-slot profile is optional as we recommend to buy them locally due to shipping difficulties. 


The IR Remote Controller is highly recommended as it provides the best motion control, move-stop-move type of operation. It works with our 18650 power enclosure pack (not as an option but a separate purchase). 


Note, this kit is not intended for vertical operation as it does not have enough lifting power if you have heavy equipments. Horizontal operation are fine.


This kit comes in partially assembled and includes the following:


1x Sliding block with all 4 wheels already assembled on it.

1x Nema 17 0.9 degree motor (400 steps per revolution) with mounting brackets assembled together

1x Idling pulley already mounted on a bracket

2x 50mm long standard (38mm wide) arca swiss plates with mounting screws and nuts

1x 2.1 meter long GT2 timing belt, enough for a one meter long rail.

1x set of wrenches

Motion Slider Kit