This is a step motor control extension board that sits on top of Raspberry Pi (EXCLUDING Raspberry Pi Zero series) with camera control and limit switch inputs. The following are its features:

  • Single power supply for both Raspberry Pi and step motor, eliminates messy cabling
  • Can supply up to 1.8A of current per phase for a two phase bi-polar step motor
  • Programmable power level 
  • Two optically isolated ports for camera or creatively other devices (2.5mm stereo jack)
  • Two limit switch inputs that can be used for homing, limiting (3.5mm stereo jack)
  • 8 micro stepping modes, from full to 1/128th 
  • Free Python based control software for focus stacking, photogrammetry, camera motion control and more


Here is a video running focus stacking control software.  

Python Software

Single Axis Step Motor Extension For Raspberry Pi