This is a focus stacking kit using used THK 2001A industrial rail. It comes with the following:

1x Used THK2001A industrial rail with approximate 90mm travel distance and 1mm pitch

1x THK2001A conversion kit with 400 steps / rev motor installed onto the THK2001A
1x 3-axes controller, dual interface (Wifi and USB)
1x 12V 5A power supply
1x Camera cable of choice
1x 65mm round camera quick release system

2x Silver aluminum T-slot (if black matte is preferred, please buy ONE black matte and we will ship two to replace silver one).
1x Specimen holder with spare parts

If you need mobile phone controlled setup, please check out our bluetooth enabled kit, that kit support both iPhone and Android phones equiped with Bluetooth BLE

THK2001A Based Rail System