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This kit allows a valve to be mounted on a swiveling mini ball head so that it is easier to adjust its output nozzle's aim. This kit can be used on a normal downward drop valve for better multi-nozzle alignment

It can also be used as shoot from below valve where compressed air is used to push liquid jet upward and collide with drops from above. In fact, this kit includes a nozzle with small opening to shoot jets up.

It comes with the following:

- 1x MJKZZ VVA (Vertical Valve Adapter)
- 1x Mini ball head
- 1x Shoot From Below nozzle with small opening
- 1x 8mm right angle inlet nozzle
- 2x M5x14 screws to mount a Shako PU220AR-02

Note it does NOT come with valve NOR valve mounting bracket shown in some picture. Please purchase them separately

Valve Swivel Kit

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