This is a WiFi based 3-axes motion controller with following features:


  • WiFi enabled. Supported software, such as Focus Stacking Studio can connect to it via WiFi
  • Dual interface. It can also be operated via (built-in) USB connection, in case WiFi signal is too weak for some reason
  • Support 3 logical axes, by default they are X, Y, and Z, but they can be re-programmed to support other axis names, such as X, R, Z, etc.
  • When operating under WiFi, multiple units can be combined to form a system with even more axes, for example, a 6-axes system (like X, Y, Z, R, U, V)
  • Single power supply but the power supply must be rated 12V, current rating should be 5A or above
  • Limit switch support for all three axes
  • Camera port with opto-coupler isolation
  • USB micro port used for USB connection or firmware update
  • User updateable firmware for future upgrades
  • Three silent step motor drivers
  • Configurable power settings for each individual axis
  • Support up to 256th micro step for smooth operation
  • Touch based (written in Python) operation is supported via pyFSS
  • Python API is available for custom development


User Manual

Focus Stacking Studio

WiFi-Enabled 3-Axes Motion Controller

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