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This is a WiFi based 3-axes motion controller with following features:


  • WiFi enabled. Supported software, such as Focus Stacking Studio can connect to it via WiFi
  • Dual interface. It can also be operated via (built-in) USB connection, in case WiFi signal is too weak for some reason
  • Support 3 logical axes, by default they are X, Y, and Z, but they can be re-programmed to support other axis names, such as X, R, Z, etc.
  • When operating under WiFi, multiple units can be combined to form a system with even more axes, for example, a 6-axes system (like X, Y, Z, R, U, V)
  • Single power supply but the power supply must be rated 12V, current rating should be 5A or above
  • Limit switch support for all three axes
  • Camera port with opto-coupler isolation
  • USB micro port used for USB connection or firmware update
  • User updateable firmware for future upgrades
  • Three silent step motor drivers
  • Configurable power settings for each individual axis
  • Support up to 256th micro step for smooth operation
  • Touch based (written in Python) operation is supported via pyFSS
  • Python API is available for custom development


User Manual

Focus Stacking Studio (build 14162 with video support)

Firmware v1.6 Bluetooth Edition

Firmware v1.6 WiFi Edition


Android App (BETA) Needs Bluetooth firmware.

WiFi-Enabled 3-Axes Motion Controller

  • Very important note that Paypal China does not refund fees charged  (about 5% of total) for a transaction, therefore, we can not refund you in full.

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